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4 February 1988
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abandoned buildings, activism, adbusters, amnesty international, anti-capitalist, anti-consumerism, anti-globalization, art not ads, baltimore, batboy, bellydancing, bikes not bombs, boys, brew not bombs, carver, cheap couches, civil disobedience, critical mass, cuddling, dancing on burning dumpsters, diana t. damewood, direct action, dirty linen, diy, drinking, dumpsterdiving, dumpstering, durrrrr im cool, fair trade, feeding pigeons, fells point, feminism, festivals, flogging molly, folk alliance, food not bombs, freedom, french, god plays skee ball, grateful dead, green party, gypsy squat, happiness, hitch hiking, hugs, imperfect bodies, indy filmmaking, jason robert brown, justice, kimya dawson, kisses, knocking boots, le tigre, liberty, love, lucky strikes, marilyn monroe, modest mouse, music theory, natalie merchant, natty boh, nofx, non-violence, norma jean, off broadway musicals, old movies, old people holding hands, older men, opera, pacifism, peace, pete seger, piano, piercings, pin ups, playing piano, poetry, porno, power to the people, pretty girls make graves, protesting, protests, psychology, rainbows, reclaiming the streets, reefer madness the musical, resisting, revolution, sex, silly wizard, singing, skinny puppy, smashing the state, sons of buford, squathouses, squatting, tattoos, ten car, ten thousand villages, the audio rapists, the donner party, towson diner, trainhopping, traveling, vintage, vivaldi, wheatpasting, yeah yeah yeahs, yoga, you
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